spark* is an innovative, evidence-based program that teaches children how to manage and regulate their behavior, thinking and emotions more effectively.

spark* is appropriate for any child, two to 10 years of age, where self-regulation is a concern; for example, children with autism spectrum disorders, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Fragile X and attention deficit.

This book contains 44 step-by-step lessons that can be implemented by teachers, therapists, assistants and parents.

Based on well-researched theory and extensive clinical experience, the groundbreaking spark* program helps children learn how and when to control their bodies, thinking and reactions to things that happen around them. They  also learn when and where they can ‘let loose’ and not worry about self-regulation.

spark* is comprehensive, practical and systematic and provides all information and resources needed to implement the program successfully, including access to 75 resource files that include printable materials, newsletters and internet resources.

“… self-regulatory skills equip students with more positive views towards their futures, empower them to manage their social behavior, and support the development of lifelong learning skills.” – Peeters, et al. (2013)

Unique features of spark*

► Focus on critical foundation skills for learning: behavioral (body), cognitive and emotional self-regulation

► Emphasis on five major executive functions, the critical link that turns what the child knows into action

► Early and consistent inclusion of strategies to help every child calm him/herself, become more resilient and cope more easily in everyday settings, advocate for him/herself

► Systematic withdrawal of adult direction … moving toward self-direction by each child so s/he can become more independent

► Direct teaching of generalization of self-regulation skills and strategies, helping each child learn where and when to use his skills and strategies

►spark* can be integrated into classroom and therapy programs as well as into daily family life.

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