Introducing the newest member of the spark* family – spark*EL. 

sparkEL front cover 2014

The Autistic Child’s Guide – ELementary version

Presenting spark*EL: Self-Regulation Program for Awareness and Resilience in Kids in middle chiildhood to early adolescence

Heather MacKenzie

Paperback (perfect bound): $49.95

2010, 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm /8.5 in x 11 in, 270 pp

ISBN 978-0-9684466-7-6


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spark*EL is a research-based self-regulation program designed for somewhat older chidren from middle childhood to early adolescence. It is buit on the same model as spark* and has three units that focus on behavioral, cognitive and emotional self-regulation.

In spark*EL, there are 23 lessons that build skills and strategies carefully and consistently to build a solid foundation. Each lesson clearly outlines:

  • executive functions addressed
  • the objective for that lesson
  • how to structure the activities
  • materials needed for the lesson (most materials are included in the Resources files)
  • the language of spark*EL (words, concepts and phrases used in teh lesson)
  • a script for introducing the skills and strategies
  • how to practice the skills and strategies
  • how to prompt, solidy and highlight skill use
  • how to promote self-monitoring

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