Components and strategies used in spark* and spark*EL are discussed in each Backgrounder. They’ll give you more information about what they are, why and how they’re used. Have a look.

Executive Functions that are at the heart of spark* and spark*EL The spark* and spark*EL programs have specific ways to develop these executive functions in children.

  1. Working memory – Here is information on what working memory is and ways to approach impoving it. Find it here:  executive functions – working memory
  2. Inhibitory control – Here’s information on what inhibitory control is and ways to help children improve it. Find it here: executive functions – inhibitory control
  3. Planning & organization – Here’s information on what planning & organization are and ways to help children improve. Find it here: executive functions – planning & organization

Rate your own executive functioning on this executive function rating card. Read the description of each executive function and rate yourself on the 0-to-10 scale. What does your profile look like (hint: they’re usually uneven)?