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Survey of child preferences

Came across a nice survey for gathering preference information on children. It gathers information about favorite things, feelings indicators, socialization, choices, body clock, health, and family member roles. Have a look: child-preference-indicators


Some FREE apps to practice self-regulation

Many thanks to Joselynne Jaques, of Hope Therapies, for her app suggestions.


Hand self-regulation

  • Hand Drums – tap on the drums at different intensities, speeds and rhythms to practice control of hands







  • Darbuka (goblet) drums – a slightly different sounding drum for practising different intensities, speeds and rhythms













Voice self-regulation

  • Bla Bla Bla – provides visual feedback about the loudness of your voice – the visual images are a little odd so choose carefully to make sure it’s not frightening







  • Class Monster – intended for a group setting, gives cute visual feedback about the loudness of voices








Calming visuals

  • Fluid – run your fingers over the surface and watch the water ripple








  • Zen View – a number of different background images with water overlay that moves when you run your fingers over the screen; can add rain at varying intensities











  • Draw with Stars – trails of stars emerge as you run your fingers over the screen








  • Fluid Dynamics – run your fingers over the screen and colors will emerge and merge









Calming sounds

  • Relax Melodies – choose different sounds to combine or play one at a time





Breathing for calming and centering







  • RespiRelax – simple visual guides breathing in and out
















We’ll keep adding more apps. Stay tuned.

Please let us know if you found a helpful app. Just remember, the app should be free.

Game and Activity Resource

This looks like a nice resource for different types of games and activities for practicing self-regulation and resilience. Have a look.


Questionnaires for looking at self-regulation

There are some interesting questionnaires for looking at self-determination/self-regulation in children. Among them are:

AIR Self-Determination Scale – for students, for parents and for teachers

Self-Determination Theory website has many questionnaires related to self-regulation in different areas of a person’s life, perceived autonomy, intrinsic motivation, self-determination, mindful awareness and many others. Most are intended for older children and adults.


Other resources

Some wonderful resources for people with special needs who are Jewish can be found at Gateways, access to Jewish education. Be sure to have a look.


eating game logo_new2 A beautifully organized visual system for engaging children in meal planning